About us

As Chinese leading outdoor apparel manufacturer, McHolden establish a long term relations of coopertion with a number of world class outdoor brands, design and manufacture high quality outdoor apparel and travel gear for them.

From Chinese manufacture to Chinese Create

At the same time, McHolden has multiple independent brands, which are dedicated to bringing high quality outdoor clothing to Chinese consumers through independent research development and design.
ESGUARD,Came into being
With the birth of the new brand, ESGUARD is also exploring a new business model: FTC, Factory to Customer, factory to the consumers new direct sales model. FTC model is a new upgrade in the concept of the factory shop, reduce the intermediate links, so the consumers get the real affordable prices and get rid of the hard bondage of the traditional stores. The factory can directly connect with consumers through physical terminals, network channels, social media and modern communication tools. In this way, the manufacturing advantage and the demand of consumers are combined to promote the rapid response and rapid development of the enterprise brand to the market demand. Using the modern information management techniques to strictly control product quality and inventory levels, such as using the QR codes to know the traceability of the product from the production lines to ensure the benefits of consumers. The big data of the consumer demand feedback can guide the enterprise organization production, thus forming consumers and the enterprise symbiosis consumption circle.
Travel clothing brand dream,is on the road.