Product Research

McHolden fuses the fashion trend design concept and the world leading high-tech fabrics, break through the traditional outdoor clothing production limit, makes the organic combination of the outdoor clothing functional and the beautiful performance and make the traveler can get stable protection in various environments, fully shows the individual temperament and charm. Therefore, McHolden works together with the world famous clothing fabrics company such as Toray, Invista, Gore-tex company, also invited the Swiss GRAND Studio the fashion Studio for brand development of European and American fashion trendsetter apparel outdoor travel. As the top fashion Studio in Europe, GRAND Studio provides design services for many top fashion brands, including CK, HEAD, SIGG, Vans, Mammut, Nike, etc.
McHolden to go all out to free travel from coarse dirt and rocks, with exquisite, bold and unrestrained, exquisite personalized experience, let fashion makeup every traveler's mind, make everyone can breathe into the blue sky belongs to its own unique.


McHolden has established long term relationship with the world's leading apparel suppliers.