On this journy
McHolden has been walking for
23 years

In 23 years, along the way, "travel" has been infuse into the blood of McHolden's life.

In 23 years, we've seen how "travel" can evolve from sunrise to the sunset to sitting on the edge of the lijiang river.

In 23 years, we've seen how "travel" can be transformed from a ticket to a journey without plan.

In 23 years, we've seen how "travel" has become a life for Chinese people:if you are not traveling, then you are on the way to travel.

Travel is more than a warm jacket, a pair of light shoes, or a set of top gear.

Traveling is a life experience that only belongs to herself.She gathers happiness maybe sorrow.She may make meeting, and she make pass;She shows the beauty of the world,and sometimes the gray.But all travels makes us live more authentic,more pure!Let yourself talk to the world better.